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Calcite What? 

It is obtained by milling of Calcium Carbonate Ore in the ball mills and producing it as powder in desired finenesses. Hisar Maden products are used as filling material by industrial producers operating in different sectors. It is produced as "Natural" and "Coated" according to the sector demands.

Adaçal Calcite

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  • HisarCal St-1 Fine
  • HisarCal St-1
  • HisarCal St-2
  • HisarCal Ex-3
  • HisarCal St-99
  • HisarCal Ex-2
  • HisarCal St-5
  • HisarCal Ex-5
  • HisarCal Ex-10
  • HisarCal Ex-20
  • HisarCal Ex-40
  • HisarCal Ex-1
  • HisarCal Ex-99
  • HisarCal St-3