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Micronized calcite is used by adding 15-30% of cellulose in the production of especially writing paper, wall paper and cardboard. Due to its high whiteness, cheapness and other technical features that provides to paper, it has entered the paper sector and taked the place of kaolin in the last 10 years, all over the World starting from Europe. 

The paint sector which uses dry milled calcite, uses up to 5 microns of calcite. Construction paint, interior and exterior coating and water-based paint systems use calcite at the ratio of 25-35%. It is estimated that 80,000 tons/year calcite is used in various size in the paint sector in our Country. It is estimated that around 8 million tons of calcite are used in the paint sector in the world. The calcite used as an extender in the World, provides surface coating and reduces the consumption of titanium dioxide.

Micronized calcite is used as an additive in foodstuffs such as biscuits, breads, and chewing gums etc. It is used as a cost-reducing indirect calcium source due to chemical purity and color. Over 3 million tons of calcite fillers are used in the US and European plastic industries

Calcite is used either in natural ground or in coated form, in the production of many plastics such as plastic furniture, pipes, automotive, etc., The coating is usually made with stearic acid and sometimes with calcium stearate. Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA), Thermoplastic (TPES) and PVC resins are plastic sectors which mainly use the calcite as fillers. In the plastics industry, the use of similar fillers, especially calcite, has increased every year. Calcite is used as a filler due to its color, chemical impurities, cheapness and for many other reasons. Over3 million tons of calcite fillers are used in the US and European plastic industries.