adaCAL in Paper

adaCAL is used in paper production as functional filler and coating mineral. It positively changes, both chemical and physical/optical properties of the paper.

with adaCAL use in paper as filler;
• Add paper opacity/birghtness and whiteness.
• Increase the bulk density of paper.
• Improves the smoothness of the paper surface.
• Reduces dusting.
• Enhances bonding interaction with fibers.
• By stabilizing the retention/drainage system, allows better paper machine runnability.
• By significantly increase sheet filler content, reduces the production cost.


with adaCAL use in paper as coating pigment;
• Add paper birghtness and whiteness.
• Performs optimum rheological properties and provides ideal thixotropy.
• Improves opacity.
• By balancing ink absorption, improves the print quality.