adaCAL in Paint

adaCAL is used as a functional mineral filler in paint formulas in order to reduce
the production cost and improve the optical features.

Compared to other fillers in paint, , adaCAL has narrow and homogeneous partical size distribution and improves the optical properties of paint with the help of its controlled crysytal structure and shape.


Specifically in architectural paints, by replacing adaCAL PCC instead of TiO2, the most expensive input in paint formulas, the unit consumption of TiO2 can be reduced up to 40% and production costs are reduced by 6%-18%.


with adaCAL use in paint;

• Hiding power is improved.
• The desired whiteness is provided.
• Surface smoothness is increased.
• The desired brightness/opacity is provided.
• Scrub resistance is increased.
• Density is decreased.