adaCAL in Plastic

adaCAL is used as a functional mineral filler, primarily in rigid plastic/PVC profile, plastic pipe and flexible plastic/ PVC cable production.

With the adaCAL PCC use in PVC extrusion;
• Impact strength of the PVC profile products are improved.
• Brightness is increased 2-3 times.
• Better surface finish is supplied.
• Corner butt weld strength is improved.
• Extrusion torques in production process are balanced.
• Regular material flow is supplied during extrusion.

In pipe production;
• Impact strength test values are increased.
• Interior surface smoothness is improved.
• Supply a better voice/noise insulation.
• Minimize the geometrical deformation and/or heat distortion due to temperature changes.

With the adaCAL use in cable production;
• Add the cable toughness and elasticity.
• The electric resistance of PVC cable cover is increased.
• Unify the interface of PVC cable and conductive material.
• Tensile strength is improved.

With the adaCAL PCC use in flexible PVC production (fittings, seal, doormat, tread etc.);
• Flexibility is increased.
• Tensile strength is improved.
• Better surface finish is supplied.

With adaCAL PCC use in PP,PE nylon bag and packing;

• Supply the permeability of the film at desired products.
• Tensile strength is improved.
• Transparency of the film is not affected negatively.